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Argumentative Essay about 'Socratic Dialect Method' and Analysis of Legally Blonde

The Socratic Method is a form of inquiry and debate between individuals with opposing viewpoints based on asking and answering questions. Historically, Socrates starts to engage in the discussion with his fellow Athenians after his friend Chaerephon that asked whether there was anyone wiser than Socrates. And Socratic believe that he was sent by god to help another people and he are different so he questioning them to open their mind to think about the truth.

According to Gary Alan Scott in Deos Socrates have a method, "Socratic dialectic and education, taking the Charmides as guide. I argue that standard accounts of the dialectic do not sufficiently explain Socrates' typical failure to engage his interlocutor, as measured by the standard set forth at Sophist 230a-d. The depiction of dialectic in the Charmides, however, is especially relevant to this problem, focusing as it does on the psychotherapeutic aspects of the elenchus.

I detail four ways in which Socratic dialectic is intended to draw the interlocutor into philosophical self-expression and turn him toward a philosophical life and membership in the philosophical community. These aspects of the dialectic are expressed through the drama, as well as the argument of the dialogue. They show how the dialectic can lead to positive, as well as negative, results."

Based on that quotation, Socratic dialectic method is the way how Socratic try to open the mind or thinking of people in the daily life. Socrates tries to find the truth of life and find which better through the dialogue which includes the opinion or philosophy from several philosophers. And if I see from the apology of plato Socrates always become the point, or people whose words...