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Michael Placido


Thematic Essay

There have been many revolutions in history but, not all revolutions are political. These nonpolitical revolutions have brought important changes whether they are economic, social or, intellectual. One nonpolitical revolution is the agricultural revolution. Another is the industrial revolution. Both of these revolutions have made many changes in society and has impacted them in many ways.

One nonpolitical revolution the agricultural revolution has brought some changes. One change that was brought by this revolution is that during the agricultural the potato became a successful food crop that it helped increase the food supply. Also with this increase in the food supply came an increase in England's population. This agricultural revolution had in impact on the farmers in Europe's society. Farmers were impacted because of the improved methods of farming. They were impacted by this because rich land owners pushed ahead with the enclosure act.

The enclosure act was when people took over and started fencing of land that belonged to peasant farmers. This ties in to another nonpolitical revolution.

Another nonpolitical revolution is the industrial revolution. This revolution is caused by the agricultural revolution. One change that was brought by the industrial revolution was that during this revolution technology advanced tremendously. Also because of this technological advance factories were made which would then make the material necessary to build a railroad system. One impact that this industrial revolution had on society is that the farmers who had their land taken away because of the enclosure act all moved to the cities to work in these new factories during the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution gave the farmers new job. This was how the industrial revolution impacted society.

To conclude there were many revolutions and all revolutions had an impact on society. Their...