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World War 2 was a very intellectual war. Unlike World War 1, this war had less life loss and a lot more strategy. The Axis powers (Germany, Italy and Japan) had the world at their fingertips. This essay is going to explain why the Allies (U.S., Great Britain and France) overcame all odds to win the Second World War.

The Italians were on the side of the Allies during World War 1. After the stalemate, all the countries got certain territories for the efforts in the war. Italy believed they had gotten shortchanged and began to become an empire. Italy began attacking Africa to reclaim countries they had lost before.

At the same time, Germany had been feeling the same way that Italy did and felt starting an empire was an easy way to be a major world power again. They began taking territories like Luxembourg, Norway, and finally France.

The allies allowed Germany to take countries because they felt that their taste would be satisfied eventually. However, when Italy, Germany and Japan joined together, Great Britain needed to attack.

Germany was pretty set in this war. They were constantly bombarding Britain and had a treaty keeping Russia out of the war. Japan, however, made the initial mistake. Japan wanted to take over the Pacific but to do so they would need to take out a US naval base in Hawaii. Japan bombed Pearl Harbor entering the US into the war.

The second mistake was by Germany. They began to get paranoid that Russia would break the treaty and attack them soon so Germany attacked Russia. Germany got far into Russia but wasn't able to get past the Russian city of Stalingrade. The cold Russian winters allowed Russia to defend and greatly weaken Germany's defense.

The US decided it would...