A Soldier's Tale: My Friend in IRAQ

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There are many heroes in our time, and many that came before our time. My friend Ethan Johnson is currently fighting in Iraq for our country. I believe that Ethan is a hero because he is risking his life for others, he saved his soldier friend Ray from being killed, and has accepted a huge change in his life.

Ethan has risked his life in many ways in order to fight for our country. Everyday when Ethan wakes up in the morning he stretches in the uncomfortable bed, and wonders what they day ahead is going to hold. He never knows what to expect when he leaves his tent, so he always makes sure that he is wearing his tan colored bulletproof vest, and his gun for just in case. As he enters the musty, moist shower room he thinks of the soldiers who were attacked while they were taking showers.

He sets his gun as close to his shower as possible because he is afraid they will come after him next.

Later that day Ethan is walking in the hot desert with his soldier friend Ray, they had become very good friends over the last month. The sand was blowing so fast that it reminded him of the snow storms back home. Ethan saw a large dead bush and decided to take the opportunity to use the bathroom. From behind the bush, Ethan heard an Iraqi voice and looked around to see him holding his gun at his friend's head. Ethan began to panic, but then pictured his brother in his head right before he left saying with tears in his eyes, "Either you kill, or you get killed!" Ethan pictured Ray's pregnant wife and one year old daughter, and with that he pulled out his own gun and shot the Iraqi soldier.

When Ethan found out that he was going to Iraq for a year, he knew that there were going to be lots of difficult changes in his life. One of the most difficult things of leaving was watching his wife Stacy and his two year old son Joey standing in the airport as he walked onto the plane, about to leave his home state of Minnesota. Stacy was holding back her tears and Joey, not knowing what was going on, was excited to see his dad get on the large plane. Ethan had also just earned his college degree, and was leaving behind his new job as a Computer Consultant. Ethan knew that he was lucky though because unlike the past wars, he will be able to keep in constant contact with his family and friends.

There are so many things that make our soldiers heroes, and I think that there is no way that we could ever imagine what they are feeling as they live a soldier's life. Protecting our country, risking their lives, and accepting a huge life change are only a few of the things that make our soldiers into heroes.