Solving and Checking Equations

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Solving And Checking Equations

In math there are many different types of equations to solve

and check. Some of them are easy and some are hard but all of

them have some steps that need to be followed. To solve the

problem 2(7x-4)-4(2x-6)=3x+31 you must follow many steps. The

first thing you will do is use the distributive property to take away

the parentheses. When you use the distributive property, your

equation will be 14x-8-8x+24=3x+31. Then you have to combine

like terms. Now that you've combined, your equation will be

6x+16=3x+31. The next step is to subtract 3x from both sides. Now

your equation will be 3x+16=31. The next step is to subtract 16

from both sides. Your equation has been reduced to 3x=15. The

last step is to divide both sides by 3 and your answer is x=5.

There are also many steps needed to check a problem.


you rewrite the problem. Under that you write the problem

substituting all the x's with 5. Next, you evaluate the problem left

of the equal sign. Then you evaluate the right of the equal sign. If

the answers are both the same, it means you solved the problem

right so you put a check mark next to it.

That is how you solve and check this type of equation.