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There is no hope of doing perfect research

In order to evaluate this statement, it is necessary to establish the meaning of a perfect research. In a broad sense "the definition of research includes any gathering of data, information and facts for the advancement of knowledge"(Shuttleworth). A perfect research would be complete beyond any scope of improvement. Thus a perfect research would result in an ideal or utopian solution to the associated problem and would act as a closure to any further advancement in the area. It is intuitively straight forward to dismiss the existence of a perfect research simply because there are no empirical instances of such kind of a research. All research areas are continual work-in-progress, steadily improving upon the existing body of knowledge in the field. For e.g. from invention of telephone in the late 19th century to the modern era Smartphone the communication technologies have gradually evolved and became more and more sophisticated.

Advanced as these devices may be, it would be absurd to claim that we have achieved perfection and no new improvements in phones would take place in the future. This pattern of incessant evolution is characteristic of every research area. To systematically understand why this happens, let us discuss various aspects of a research process.

The process of research is incremental in nature, i.e., it builds upon the existing body of knowledge in the area. Hence it results in a gradual evolution rather a disruptive jump to perfection. Therefore we invent wheel, a horse cart, a car, an airplane, a space shuttle in a sequential order of iterative improvements over the existing technology, instead of building the rockets straightaway. Research can perhaps be best explained as "re-search" where we continually explore the area by searching again and again and building a more and...