Sonnet 29 Essay

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Shakespeare Sonnet Essay

When I first read Sonnet 29, I thought that it was beautiful. The poem sounded perfect; it was a sad poem, but at the same time, there was a sense of happiness in it. In order to learn more about the poem, I dissected it in hope to learn what Shakespeare did to make the sonnet so touching. Shakespeare used many complex poetic devices to reinvent the common theme of love versus envy.

In Sonnet 29, Shakespeare modified the traditional structure of a Shakespearean sonnet to reinvent the theme. Although the sonnet's structure is very similar to that of a Shakespearean sonnet, there are certain aspects of it which make it different. One aspect of Sonnet 29 that is different than a Shakespearean sonnet, is that instead of an ABABCDCDEFEFGG rhyme scheme, the rhyme scheme is ABABCDCDEBEBFF. This difference in rhyme scheme adds a level of depth to the poem because it is causing overlap between two quatrains of the sonnet, which creates a setting in which many comparisons can occur.

Another aspect of this poem that is interesting is how the sonnet is a single person monologue. The speaker talks about himself, while also indirectly talking about his love and lack of friends. This is interesting because many of Shakespeare's sonnets have a speaker talking about someone else, but in this sonnet, the speaker criticizes himself.

The grammar presented in this poem also is used interestingly, which adds to the reinvention of the theme of love versus envy. The poem is written in a single sentence, which is unusual for a poem. The punctuation used throughout the poem has actual meaning! The comma at the end of the first line links the speaker's thought of being in disgrace in men's eyes and...