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South Korea has had serious differences with their neighbors North Korea for over the past fifty years causing death, loved ones lost and separation. The healing process is taking time but has begun. The United States and South Korea have been allies for many years now. The United States and South Korea fought along side each other during the Korean War. The United States holds much gratefulness for South Korea because of their help in preventing communism from spreading. Although there is peace between the two countries there are many differences in customs, culture and business habits one would have to overcome to be successful in exporting to South Korea.

One significant difference between the United States and South Korea is over free trade. South Korea has one of the world's largest economies. The United States has an open market compared to South Korea. Removing trade and investment barriers between the U.S.

and South Korea would increase market access for U.S. farmers, ranchers and workers. Opening free trade between the two countries would promote continued economic reform in Korea. One of the toughest issues to negotiate will be agriculture because of South Korea's rice market is a vital source of income for South Korean farmers (Reuters, 2006). "South Korean farmers and activists have staged many violent protests against measures to open up the local farm market, most notably at the World Trade Organization meeting in Hong Kong in December" (Reuters, 2006).

The United States and South Korea are on different pages with the issue of terrorism. The United States is on a mission to end terrorism and is fighting for their cause. "South Korea's priorities under President Roh Moo-hyun have been regional peace, regional prosperity, engagement and eventual long-term unification with the North, Paik said" (Reuters, 2006). "The Bush administration...