Space Exploration

Essay by shen19791031F, May 2004

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Modern society can rapidly develop as a result of continual advancement of science and technology. Space exploration is the most remarkable event in all science and technology because it has ever been a dream to people. In order to let people understand more things about space exploration, I will introduce the history, development, achievement, benefits, problems and future about it.

People have always wanted to know more about the planets and stars outside Earth in all ages. Ancient astronomers observed the objects planets and named them after Roman deities. During the European Renaissance, fundamental physical laws governing planetary motion were discovered, and the orbits of the planets around the sun were calculated. In the 17th century, the Italian astronomer, Galileo, built a telescope to look closely at the moons and planets. The years since 1959 have amounted to a golden age of solar system exploration. Advancements in rocketry after World War II enabled our machines to break the grip of Earth's gravity; man has not only looked into space but also travelled into space.

During the Cold War, one of the main disagreements between the USA and the former USSR was on the other's type of government. Both countries thought that the other was trying to expand their form of government by a big competition for military leadership. As a result of this, many more dangerous weapons then necessary were made. However, the Space Race also created new jobs, increased the amount of science and mathematics in schools, and new technologies emerged because of it. Although the USA and the former USSR had prodigious advancement in the aspect of space exploration by competition for military, there really weren't anything else that could be accomplished. As a result of this, the space race died down, and both countries began to cooperate...