"Spanish American War Versus Operation Iraqi Freedom" This essay compares and contrasts certain areas of both wars that are coincidently similar to each other.

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As we, the class of two thousand and four, and the rest of the world view the war in Iraq, many find it hard the resist the temptation to create their own conclusions on as to why this war got started, but many do not realize that this war has many similarities to an early war that was also short in length but who's effects lingered on even until today. The Spanish-American War was the end of a brutal Spanish empire and the rise of a great super power nation known as the United States of America.

As an American, I felt very supportive in President Bush's decision to invade Iraq and eliminate their tyrannously led government so that the Iraqi people could finally breathe the air of freedom rather than cowering as militant groups roam the city in search of innocent citizens to hurt or kill because their leader doesn't like them.

The Iraqi people wanted this and felt that independence would surely be welcomed by every person of that country that has seen, heard, or felt Saddam Hussein's evil sword of dictatorship and cruelty. A similar event occurred about a hundred and ten years ago in the Spanish-American War when the people of Cuba rebelled against the Spanish's control over them. American's watched with great sympathy as they saw that a Spanish flag still flew over Cuba unlike South and Central America and Mexico. This made many angry, though the one thing that pushed many over the edge was the over exaggerated reports from journalists of General Valeriano "Butcher" Weyler y Nicolau's brutality against the Cuban peasants and their treatment. Many died of starvation, and though we weren't part of this war, we still felt we had to place a hand in it just to keep order in...