Speaker's Parting Gift

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THE SPEAKER'S PARTING GIFT Matt Salmon agreed with Newt Gingrich's decision not to re-run for the Speakership. Two reasons were the annual tax cut passed this year and the amount of money from the budget surplus that will go into the emergency funding.

The congress according to him (Salmon), did not accomplish anything important for the year. While the Republicans are "naming roads, bridges and post offices," the Democrats are gaining popularity on major issues. He believes that the Republican failed to deliver their own agenda to the American people.

The fact that President Clinton has overcome Newt Gingrich on most of the important issues is reason enough for Congress to call for a new Speaker of the House. He's hoping that with a new Speaker, Republicans have better chances of pushing their own agenda to the Administration. Republicans have to focus of the ideas that the people expected them to work on.

The most important agendas that should take precedence are "creating economic growth through tax relief, reducing the size and intrusiveness of the American government, and insuring the long term solvency of social security." Matt Salmon expresses a Conservative view in the agenda's he enumerated. "Limited government" is based on the theory of Hobbes who is a pioneer of conservatism. Furthermore, Salmon stated tax deduction as his first agenda that equates to the view of conservatism that the people will be able to better handle their own finances than the government.

GINGRICH PAYS THE PRICE Newt Gingrich, the Speaker of the House of Representative, is a republican who is a visionary and have a flair for drama. His flair for drama served as a powerful tool in getting his visions across but also served as his down fall since most of his visions are politically unacceptable to the...