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Good morning everyone!

My name is Furkan Kurt. Today I am here to talk about the issue of environment and I will use the film of Princees Mononoke and The Article of Sustainable Energy sources (which link my issue very clear.) We need to protect our environment otherwise we will die. We have to make choices about how much we will protect the environment and how much we will exploit advanced technologies. We should use the advanced technologies for protecting our environment, not to harm environment.

I would like to give introduction about the Princess Mononoke. Princess Mononoke is a film presented by director "Hayao Miyazaki" in 1997. In this film Ashitaka is stricken by a deadly curse from the Boar god. To save his life, he must journey to the forest of the west and at this journey he faces with bad events such as human destroys the forests.

Now I would like to talk about the narrative conventions which are settings and the characters. One of the most important settings were Iron town and the forests in this film. Iron town is the place where humans produce iron by the trees. Forest is the place where forest god, animal plants live and it is also the place where human destroys. There are two very important characters in this film which are Ashitaka and Lady Eboshi. Lady Eboshi is depicted as a bit of a revolutionary, in terms of societal and technological progress. She's defiling a sacred forest to get what she wants. She is the ruler of Iron town, a small mining settlement that is currently in conflict with the denizens of a nearby forest. San hates humans even though she is one. She looks after and protects the forest from greedy humans.

I also would like to give very short introduction about the article of sustainable energy sources which also links to the issue I talk. The article is written by Richard Watson. As we know, countries are supplying energy by using fossil fuels which refers to coal, petrol, and natural gasses. According to this article, most of the sources are quite harmful for the atmosphere by producing greenhouse gas emissions like Carbon Dioxide.

So in conclusion, Princess Mononoke and the article demonstrate that people are nothing without nature. Nature makes us alive. Using too much advanced technologies and fossil fuels will only affect our world negatively. Past choices have nearly destroyed environment so we need to improve our decision making and we have to protect our environment for a better future.

Thanks for listening

Furkan kurt