Speech and Communications

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Face to Face

Dyadic Communication or two-person communication includes interviews with an employer or a teacher; talks with a parent, spouse or child and interactions among strangers, acquaintances, and friends

-this is a subset of interpersonal communication

-is generally an intimate conversation

On the Telephone

Interpersonal Communication is the personal process of coordinating meaning between at least two people in a situation that allows mutual opportunities for both speaking and listening

-this occurs to solve problems, to resolve conflicts and to share information

-through this communication people are able to establish relationships with others

In Writing

Transaction Model is a depiction of communication as communicators simultaneously send and receive messages

-thus meaning that sending and receiving are no longer separate activities

-they do not occur at one time

Giving a Presentation/Speech

Public communication is the process of generating meanings in a situation where a single source transmits a message to a number of receivers who give nonverbal and sometimes, question-and-answer feedback

-the source adapts the message to the audience in an attempt to achieve maximum understanding

-this communication is recognized by its formality, structure, and planning

Speaking Up At a Meeting

Small Group Communication is the interaction of a small group of people to achieve an interdependent role

-this can occur in families, work groups, support groups, religious groups and study groups

-it often informs or persuades but can also entertain, welcome and announce

Via the Internet

Mass communication is a process in which professional communicators using technological devices share messages over great distances to influence large audiences

-always has some transmission system between the sender and the receiver

-this is usually taught in college's or university's department of mass communication, radio and television or journalism