CELTA - Focus on the Learner.

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Assignment 2 - Focus on the Learner.


The learner is a 35 year old female from France. She is married with two children, and has lived in Oman for five years. The learner's first language is French. It is also the language that is spoken at home.

Learner's profile

The learner's level of English is between pre-intermediate to intermediate. She did not finish high school, and after grade 10, at the age of 16, she completed a certificate in disability studies. The learner studied English three times a week at a French speaking school as part of the school curriculum from grades 6 to 10. She describes her learning experience as consisting of constant drilling and exercises, without much writing. She also wants to learn English so that she can communicate and understand songs and films. Another reason she gave for learning English was that she wanted to do a course that required English as a pre-requisite.

She feels that she has a long way to go in fulfilling this requirement. She also said that she wants to learn English simply because she said that she likes the way it sounds.

The learner believes that her L1 has affected that way she learns English. One of the examples she gave was how English words are pronounced differently from French words (See phonology section). The learner's preferred learning method is within a class setting, where she can carry out various activities that covers her needs. She stated that she needs to be corrected when she makes errors in speaking, reading and writing. She feels she does not get enough practice in speaking, reading and writing. She says she needs practice in pronunciation, expanding her vocabulary, and improving her writing skills. The learner needs to be interested in what she is...