A speech written about My Role in Honoring Our Veterans.

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Alicia Plinio

Mr. Boatman

English AP

25 October 2007

The True Heroes of a Nation

Brave, young men and women enlisted in protecting our nation; enlisting with self-less intentions to preserve this nations freedom by putting their own lives on the line. They fought to protect our lifestyle, to protect their loved ones, to protect every citizen guarded under the flag that represents freedom. They are our veterans. They did not ask what the country could do for them, but instead did for their country and now it's our turn to show the honor and respect that we have for them.

The men and women who fought for this country are the ones who can be thanked for our lifestyles today; without them we would not be the same. Without them our country could be smothered with poverty. Without them our country could never make it to the world power it is today and we need to recognize how important the veterans truly are.

These heroic men should be admired with the utmost respect a person can achieve. The extreme bravery it takes for one to step onto a battlefield, having deadly shots whiz past him, not only fighting for his own life, but also fighting for the lives of an entire nation.

There are designated days when the veterans should be remembered most: Memorial day, Veterans day, and even Flag day, but even if it's not a day to honor those who have fought for us, still we need to keep them in mind. As citizens of the country the veterans protected we need to show our golden gratitude to them. What if the veterans who have protected this country were just forgotten about? Never acknowledged for the stone-hard bravery these men had to build up? The country...