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Sport England based in the public sector of sport is the strategic lead for delivering the Government's sporting objectives in England, and they distribute both Lottery and Exchequer funds to sport.

Sport England aims to make England an active and successful sporting nation by not only creating the opportunities for people to get involved in sport, but helping people to stay in sport therefore producing greater sporting talent and hopefully helping England achieve sporting success at every level. All of these aims are brought to the fore with Sport England's mission:

"Working with others to create opportunities to get involved in sport, to stay in sport and to excel and succeed in sport at every level".

Sport England works closely with local authorities from all over England regarding leisure provision as well as hiring sports development officers to provide access to sports and leisure facilities and to focus on inclusion and integration for everyone into mainstream leisure activities, as sport and leisure was identified as a major factor in personal and social development.

Sports development is a contemporary term that can be described as a set of processes, policies and interventions that are designed to promote participation in sport and according to (2004) so that social policy objectives such as social inclusion and exclusion can be addressed.

Sport England also works closely with health professionals, teachers, the voluntary and commercial sector and national governing bodies to promote participation and support excellence.

This assignment aims to examine the role Sport England plays in promoting participation and supporting excellence. The strategies that Sport England employs to achieve equity and performance will be addressed, analysed and evaluated, regarding their impact on sports development in England.

Promoting Participation

The focus on encouraging participation dates back to the early 1970's when one...