Spring Snow by Yukio Mishima

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Katia Ambrosio

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August 18, 2014

The Changes

In Yukio Mishima's Spring Snow, it is shown throughout the novel that people can change drastically due to events or actions that may seem small because, Kiyoaki goes from such as a closed, spiritual, emotional, selfish boy to a more open, selfless man, Satoko goes from such as a happy, talkative, young lady to a sad and reserved woman, and the way that many of the other characters in the story such as Iinuma and Honda have a change of heart and mind.

At the beginning of the novel Kiyoaki is a eighteen year old boy that is pretty reserved and kept to himself at all times; he has a different perspective than his father, Marquis Matsugae, who sees women more as an object rather than a person and who still believes in social politics. Kiyoaki has a more artistic and emotional point of view.

Throughout his childhood Kiyoaki lived with the Ayakuras because the Marquis wanted Kiyoaki to behave like a noble; because of this kiyoaki grew up next to Satoko who was daughter of count and countess Ayakura. Kiyoaki started to develop feelings for Satoko even though he thought that Satoko only saw him as a younger brother or as a boy to play tricks on. As Kiyoaki and Satoko's love affair advances, Kiyoaki starts to experience emotions that he has not had before. In behalf of the love affair Kiyaoki and Satoko have a sexual relationship which converts him into a man" Even as he uttered this rationalization, he realized that he need no longer worry about any trace of childishness in the way he spoke. "(page 257), he himself realizes that he has changed from a boy to a man. Apart from this...