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The main question for research is: do television, news papers, and the internet influence how gender roles are defined? This is a question that is relevant in today's society and equally suitable for social scientific analysis. The media has free reign over how they report news stories or coverage as well as how they portray people in movies or in television shows. The media has the ability to show differing views on how gender roles are played out and it is very likely that this helps to define the way people perceive them. This makes the question perfect for analysis.

There are research problems associated with this topic. The first being, what methods can be used to gather data on the influence that the media has of how gender roles are defined? An online research poll could be done, interviews could be done, or surveys could be mailed out.

There could even be a combination of these possible methods to increase the odds of getting the most accurate information.

The second question to be posed is, are all classes of people being represented by the methods used to collect data on the medias involvement on how gender roles are defined? By choosing to do an online poll, there is an issue as to whether that method would reach enough of a differing populous. Some of the poorer individuals that would be affected by the medias influence may not have access to the internet to take part in the survey, so their demographic would not be represented. By choosing to do interviews, each class of people would have to be represented. With interviews, the researcher could select a varying group of people and find individuals to represent all demographics. This would provide a well rounded group of people to gather...