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For most companies, labor expenses are always a concern due to the fact they are the single most costly item for an organizations budget. I work for Technical Operations that is a division of Delta Airlines. Delta is the world's second-largest airline in terms of passengers carried and the leading United States carrier across the Atlantic, offering daily flights to 492 destinations in 89 countries on Delta, Song, Delta Shuttle, the Delta Connection carriers, and its worldwide partners (Delta, 2005). It was noted that there were inefficiencies in staffing and analysis needs to be done to regain efficiency in the operation. This could mean outsourcing certain departments and major layoff and work rule changes to the present employees. These changes will allow operating revenues to grow. The airlines operating revenues will increase through saving associated with fewer personnel.

Delta has recently undergone many changes in response to the ever-changing trends in globalization, diversity, and economics within our industry.

These trends maximize the effectiveness of staffing practices and selection tools to better meet current and future employment needs. Staffing is a very important element to developing and maintaining a strong business. Delta is in the process on capitalizing on global market strategies by taking advantage of today's innovative technology. "Global competition is forcing everybody to do whatever they can to hold costs down indefinitely, and with this, not only is it cheaper, but you can expand and contract your work force as you need to" (Pine Art, Jobs trimmed by temp labor).

To insure the proper staffing needs are put in place a staffing plan needs to be developed. Within the staffing plan, several key areas need to be included.

* Document the mission of the department - this document should outline the goals and responsibilities of the department.