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In the late 1920's, a man named Joseph Stalin came into power in Russia. Before he came into power, Russia had been faced with a big downfall, a fall of lots of things. Things consisting of their economy, government, military, and pretty much everything else. When Joseph came into power he was very serious about his job and wanted the "best" for his fellow Soviets, or maybe in my opinion, for his ego. As soon as he came into power he started right away on a "Five Year Plan", which basically was all about having the government control everything, how convenient for him. Stalin also started many other new plans and ideas, which all ultimately gave the government more and more, power. The government grew very strict and didn't allow anyone to rebel, or basically have thoughts of his or her own. If citizens or anyone for that matter did rebel they would then be sent to work at camps, become imprisoned, or killed.

Stalin's Strictness of rules and laws appeared to be working. If they weren't working then he would lie and say that everything was going perfect. Stalin was a big liar and manipulator. No one seemed to know the truth because the ones that did, Stalin would be sure to have killed. It's even a known fact now that after he ordered someone's death Stalin would go back and erase any evidence of the persons existence in life. They would kill the people that knew the person killed and even the people that knew the people. If that makes any sense. With all this erasing of facts going on, after the death of Stalin, many people mourned. They all believed he was this fantastic guy that fixed everything for the citizens. They thought this of course because this is what they were told to believe, they didn't know any better, and because of course they didn't know the truth. It was what they were told. All they heard were great things about the government and Stalin and the Soviets growth. Don't you trust the textbooks and the facts that are well known? It is strange to think now that some people would like to go back to the age of Stalin and how the government performed then. This is the case for many. They see it as an age where a lot of productive things were being done for the Soviet Union. Good things such as boosts in the economy, industry, agriculture, military power, and pretty much anything else. Everything was cut and dry for you and didn't leave many questions. Maybe some find this life easier and better. It's just unfortunate it came at other expenses. I am assuming that people who would like to go back to the Stalin ways weren't affected much by his evilness, or maybe they just think it was worth it. It must be their lack of information that causes them to think this way. I personally, can not think of any other reason that would cause them to wish back upon the Stalin era.