Starbucks: A growing Success

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Starbucks is part of a global empire that is continuously growing and which offers a new institution of business thinking. Their way of thinking positioned them on a unique level by the way of which they conduct their business. They incorporated fresh new thinking into strategic, tactical, and operational planning. The company developed a structure that encompassed both horizontal and vertical growth, with control mechanisms set in place. Even with setting such a high standard of business, there are many internal and external factors which can impact the four functions of management of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.

As with any business, Starbucks has the task of following the four functions of management. In order to implement the functions of management, you have to understand what exactly they entail. The first step of the four functions is planning. This is an important part because it lays out the goals of a business and how to go about reaching those goals.

The second step is organizing the different tasks that have been laid out in the planning process. The next step in the management process is leading. Leading is an important part of the process, where the person in charge would influence individuals to overcome all complications while assisting them in accomplishing the goals. They guide the employees and ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently without the loss of quality in a business. Controlling is the last step in the management process. It requires the manager to focus on the performance of workers and make additional changes that may be needed to be successful in reaching the goal. This involves creative ways in problem solving, making the right decisions, and evaluating theStarbucks - 3 -ineffective techniques while working on new ones. However, even the best of managers cannot keep a...