Starksy and Hutch

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Film Review - Starsky and Hutch

1.Identifying information

Ben Stiller fit his part. He always seems to play in a comedy and this film was another typical Ben Stiller character. Owen Wilson was a match for Ben to act with and the two acted together perfectly. Todd Phillips brings back a few actors, Juliette Lewis, Will Ferrell, Matt Walsh, and Snoop Dogg who all had roles in his last film, Old School. This made it easy for these actors to understand Todd's directing habits.

2.Plot description: Narrative

Our heroes, Starsky and Hutch, battle an evil drug lord set in a 1970's society. This drug lord has designed a form of coke to give the high feeling but no drug sniffing dog can find it. None of the cops in the town knew this form of coke existed. Starsky and Hutch end up figuring this case out by the end of the film and are able to arrest the drug lord at his charity party where he was selling it to his customer's right behind the cops back.

It was the last place police would look at for drugs.

3.Critique of acting

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson doing what they do best: being themselves. Stiller is an uptight cop. Wilson is a laidback surfer dude, the exact opposite of Stiller. The two do not see eye to eye in the beginning, until finally they gain a healthy respect for each other.

4.Critique of cinematography and production techniques

Todd Phillips used a lot of long shots to produce this comedy film. Todd did the right thing by setting the film in the seventies rather than doing some updated film. To me it's a proven fact that the seventies are funny, full of silly dancing and big colorful clothes.