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The trumpet is a very interesting instrument. The first trumpet

was actually made from shells and hallowed out animal horns. In this

report I will discus more facts like this. I will also discus the history

of my instrument and talk about some famous players throughout


The very first known pictures of the trumpet were found in the

tomb of King Tut and in a South American tribal spot in Peru. The

pictures in King Tut's tomb were not drawn well but were very

accurate. The trumpet pictured in King Tut's tomb was used simply

as indicators or as battle symbols.

Later around the 16th Century, the trumpet was starting to be

seen in a variety of more musical situations in addition to court

ceremonies and military communications. Also during this time,

craftsmen in Germany became more skilled at trumpet making and

supplied more instruments to most of Europe.

At the end of this

century the first known recording of trumpet playing were created.

These works include trumpet calls, fanfares, toccatas and sonatas.

During the 17th and 18th Century the trumpet reached it's peek

of development. During this time period Hummel exploited the

capabilities of the four and five key trumpets. There was also a slide

trumpet but that instrument was forgotten during the 16th century.

It was revived though in the 18th century in England. In England,

they continued to improve upon the slide mechanism on the slide

trumpet. The new improvements allowed the slide trumpet to remain

as an alternative through the 19th Century. The slide trumpets

continued to be manufactured into the 20th Century as use spread

into the United States as well. However, a major development

occurred in 1814 that ultimately led to the demise of the slide

trumpet. That invention was valves. The first...