State and Federal Systems.

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This paper will discuss the similarities and the discrepancy between federal and state employment protection laws pertaining to whistle blowing. This paper will provide an overview of what whistle blowing is and the issues related to differences between state and federal regulations.

State and Federal Systems Paper.

Employment laws exist as a bridge between companies and employees so that each receives equitable consideration when it comes to on-the-job treatment. From age and gender discrimination to employee benefits and workplace safety to sexual harassment, federal and state employment laws work to provide an environment that is legally and ethically accountable to all. One of the most common laws found at both a federal and state level are those that pertain to workplace whistle blowing.

Now a days thousands of workers witness wrongdoing at work and most employees choose to remain silent. The employees may feel that it's not their concern; that nothing they could do would improve things, or they can't afford problems at work.

Other workers may choose to speak out. They "blow the whistle" on unethical and illegal conduct in the workplace. Whistle blowing means disclosing information that a worker believes is evidence of something illegal, wasteful, mismanagement, abuse of power, or substantial and specific danger to the public's health and safety (Faulkner, 2003).

Whistleblower actions may save lives, money, or the environment. However, instead of praise for the public service of "telling the truth" whistleblowers are often targeted for retaliation, harassment, intimidation, demotion, dismissal, and blacklisting.

This led to the whistle blowing act which first originated in 1982 when Congress enacted the Federal Whistleblower Statute which prohibited retaliation against defense contractors who disclosed information about wrong doings within defense contracts. Later on in 1989 Congress amended the Civil Service Reform Act to include whistleblowers protection to all...