What are stereotypes?

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What are stereotypes? They are an unfavorable attitude and action toward people because they are members of a particular racial or ethnic group. Stereotyping is referred to as any theory or doctrine indicating that actions of an individual reflect his or her whole culture, sex, age, race, class, or nationality. It could also be considered as a tool which people use to label others. In practice, one looks at another and begins to make generalizations about any physical or intellectual attributes one may or may not possess, and then classes them into a certain category. Adopting stereotype ideas, one assumes that the behavior of one represents groups of that class. After reading the essay "That Lean and Hungry Look", I can see that Britt's classification does not seem justified. It is clearly based on stereotypes of fat and thin people.

In this essay, Britt compares fat and thin people. She draws a distinction between them and between two different philosophies of life.

Although this is a comparative essay, it does not seem a responsible writing, even when the author used humor. Her comparisons do not seem valid. It is an example of stereotyping. Britt is trying to entertain us, and at the same time she shows us how good fat people are and how bad thin people are based on her stereotypes.

The essay begins in favor of fat people. Britt gives a lot example about how good fat people are. She shows us that fat people are nice, fun, and convivial. They will like you even if you're irregular and have acne (Britt 495 ). They are generous, giving, and gallant (495 ). They are also easygoing, and they know all about the mystery of life. These examples obvious show us that Britt praises fat people. However it is...