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Riley Dickhout

Professor Mcloof

English 101

30 September 2014

The Biggest Bang In Geek History

An analysis on the typical stereotyping in The Big Bang Theory

When I used to hear the words The Big Bang Theory I would automatically think of the theory that the universe originated from a explosion billions of years ago. Now a day's when I hear those words my mind shoots right to the CBS American sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Having premiered on September 24 2007, the show has arisen to become one of televisions most popular comedies, and has increased its viewers over the past couple of seasons to an average of 20.1 million (Kissel). The television series puts a comedic twist on the always-serious field of science, while still educating its white male viewers and placing all its characters in stereotypical environments. This further allows viewers to interact and identify with the characters because of similar characteristics to their viewers.

Because of this, the show has a responsibility to present typical stereotypes to its educated male viewers.

The Big Bang Theory's typical viewer demographic is aimed at educated white males, typically those still in high school, college or any other kind of schooling basis whether its be student or teacher typically this audience if formulated of workers or educated student, for the show aires at 8pm, which gives viewers time to unwind, do homework, finish work, eat dinner and finally be able to sit down and relax. This is exceptionally important because this could be the only time viewers are free during the day. The series mainly focuses on the psychographics of the audience and attracts mostly a middle class white audience interested in science, education, comics and other nerdy things. Robert Sullivan, a critic from the AV...