Stevia & Yerba Mate; herbs of the future

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In the last decade America has become aware of the present crisis in significant sugar and caffeine consumption. There are so many sweeteners added to today's foods, and only because food companies are competing to have the sweetest and best tasting foods on the market. Caffeine is another substance, which has been embraced by the beverage companies, that is very unhealthy for the body if taken in large increments. This predicament has been brought up many times by the United States government, but it seems as if there is no solution to this never-ending problem. However, there is a solution and it comes from a South American country roughly the size of California, Paraguay. One may not think that so great a solution could come from such a low national-gross income country. The biggest question being 'If Paraguay holds the key to lowering sugar and caffeine intake then why has it not hit America by storm yet?' A very good question to ask, but it might not have a very pleasing answer.

It is a known fact that Americans have a sweet tooth. The only way that we know of to satisfy this sweet tooth is to eat foods filled with sugars, but is sugar the healthiest way to satisfy this craving and, most importantly, is it the only way to satisfy the craving? Sugar is the key cause in obesity, diabetes, tooth decay, and other health problems. Even the food and beverage companies have noticed the public's awareness of health hazards due to high sugar intake. In order to satisfy the public they have placed "sugar-free"labels on their products, which in actuality has only disguised the sugars. "Sugar-free" or "no added sugar" only means that there was no sugar during processing. The food or beverage, however, may naturally contain...