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Legislating Sexuality

ere are no laws in our society stating that it is necessary, or even important. With this bill, the United States government is not defending the 'tradition of family' but instead, enforcing prejudice ...

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Stevia & Yerba Mate; herbs of the future

y for the body if taken in large increments. This predicament has been brought up many times by the United States government, but it seems as if there is no solution to this never-ending problem. Howe ... evia is safe for human consumption. The only thing stopping the use of stevia as a sweetener in the United States is the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA has gone to extensive lengths to ...

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a persuasive essay on censorship of the Internet

honelines or wireless radio connections.The basic internet was formed about 4 or 5 years ago by the United States government withthe idea to pass information between themselves rapidly and efficently. ...

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UFO's and effect on people

entists now agree that almost all sightings and stories of extra terrestrials are not authentic.The United States government has records of thousands of UFO sightings since 1948, including photos of a ... ve some peculiar questions about UFO's, but many of their conclusions cannot be proven. In 1968 the United States Air Force asked Edward U. Condon, a physicist at the University of Colorado, to head a ...

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1989 AP British Literature Question. Explain the use of Biblical allusions and how it advances the work as a whole. Road to Jezebel's: Biblical illusions in Margaret Atwood's the handmaid's tale.

"mount of Gilead" which comprised of 3 of the 12 tribes of the Sons of Jacob (Genesis, 31:21). The United States Government was completely destroyed during what is known as the President's Day Massac ...

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The Impact of Business on the Internet

Some thirty years ago, the United States government was deeply involved in the cold war. Nuclear weapons were a popular topic o ... l authority. It would be designed to 'Operate in Tatters from the very beginning'. (Sterling 3) The United States would need a command and control network, or a network that could be controlled from c ...

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The Antitrust Case Against Microsoft

The Anti-Trust Case Against MicrosoftSince 1990, a battle has raged in United States courts between the United Statesgovernment and the Microsoft Corporation out of Redmon ... ke is money. The federal government maintains that Microsoft'smonopolistic practices are harmful to United States citizens, creating higher prices andpotentially downgrading software quality, and shou ...

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Articles of Confederation vs. Constitution of the United States of America

Articles of Confederation vs. Constitution of the United States of AmericaWhen the United States of America was formed, the leaders had to come up wit ... it a determined that they needed to rewrite it. The second document became the Constitution of the United States of America. The Articles of Confederation and the Constitution of the United States of ... United States of America were both written in the latter 1700's with the purpose of patterning the United States government after them and both of the documents have strengths and weaknesses.The Arti ...

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Censorship and the First Amendment

ssion through time has expanded matters to the complicated issues we see today. The founders of the United States government tried to protect this liberty by assuring a free press, to gather and publi ... e 200thAnniversary of the First Amendment. Murfreesboro: Middle Tennessee StateUniversity, 1990. 87.United States. Natl. Amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America: Amend- ment I. ...

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Short story on breaking into computers

" You have entered the United States government mainframe. Please enter your password," says the computer." Thank you, Mr. ...

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The Welfare System Must Remain

Public Welfare is an important support system of the United Statesgovernment. Welfare has its benefits, but the system has pitfalls. Instead ofabolishing ...

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"There Should be Stricter Smoking Laws" Overall good essay discussing the pros of stricter smoking and tobacco laws.

Did you know that 430,700 Americans die each year from diseases caused by smoking? Well, the United States government spends $97.2 billion on health-care costs and loss productivity, from cigar ... ey are most likely to develop asthma, which is the leading serious chronic childhood disease in the United States.Second-hand smoking is being done to 9-12 million children under 5 years of age. 43% o ...

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A Student's Reading of The Politics of Rich and Poor

h and the American Electorate in the Regan Aftermath, the consequences of the decisions made by the United States government while under the presidency of Republican Ronald Regan. Phillips' theme of t ... nomy suddenly had a recession to deal with.Another one of Phillips' reasons for the downfall of the United States' economy after Ronald Regan is the diminishing 'global wealth' of the country. The sto ...

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People's Republic of China - brief class debate

ced and the foreign policy towards the People's Republic of China is changed.II. Resolved: That the United States Government should substantially change it's foreign policy towards the People's Republ ... hange is best for Chinaa. "Human rights is a western standard set up by the General Assembly of the United States in 1948. In a number of orientalcountries (not just China) human rights are far away f ...

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Abolish the Death Penalty

o multifaceted and out thought is just morally and corruptly erroneous.To the surprise of many, the United States government does not only put to death adults but also minors. In the United States at ...

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The Articles of Confederation

test political documents of all time: The Constitution. With the implement of the Constitution, the United States government became effective.The product of some of the greatest minds to ever exist in ...

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The Government and Environmental Policy

The Government and Environmental PolicyPolitical Science 215The purpose of the United States' public policy law is to implement restrictions in an effort to solve problems,which c ... Act. Public policy has also been employed to reform the Endangered SpeciesAct of 1973. Although the United States government is noble in it's efforts to preserve the environment throughthese acts, the ...

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How Albert Einstein's Knowledge Aided Civilization

, the Nuclear Power Plants, and the Atomic, or Nuclear Bomb.During the WWII battles with Japan, the United States government instructed a group of scientists to derive a new weapon, one that could pot ... ands of tons of dynamite was tested at a government installation test site in Nevada.Soon after the United States used this weapon on Japan twice, The Soviet Union developed their own nuclear weapon. ...

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The Role of the Supreme Court, Government, Economics, and Protests in the Civil Rights Movement

the separate but equal laws unconstitutional and ordered desegregation. The different parts of the United States government played different roles. John F Kennedy and the executive branch helped to p ... ack children should not have to go to separate schools, thereby desegregating public schools in the United States (Legal). The decision in this case was what struck down the policy of separate but equ ...

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Describe the Lewis and Clark Expedition. What were the problems encountered? How did Lewis and Clark prepare for it? What were the results of the Expedition?

and Clark Expedition was a result of the Louisiana Purchase. Thomas Jefferson, the president of the United States in the early 1800s, bought this territory from the French in 1803. It was a huge piece ... e piece of land that Jefferson wanted to get explored. Thus he planned the first exploration by the United States government of the Northwestern Wilderness. To lead this expedition into the wilderness ...

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