"Stone Mage and the Sea" by Sky Wardens.

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The Stone Mage and the Sea

The Stone Mage and the Sea is a fascinating fantasy story depicting the life of a young boy and his father and their search for absolute freedom in a world where the huge red-sanded deserts are ruled by Stone Mages and the vast coastlines by Sky Wardens. Any child with magical capabilities is taken away to the Haunted City to be trained in the Change. The main characters, Sal and his father are strangers in a town on the coastlines and are running away from the Sky Wardens who are after Sal's raw talent for magic as well as eager to settle a bitter dispute with his father.

There are many important characters in the novel. The most important is Sal, a young naive boy who has little idea of the treachery and corruption of his environment. He is an innocent character inheriting his talents from birth, and pursued for his talents.

As the book progresses Sal learns more about his mysterious background and experiences firsthand the corruption of power and vices of human nature as well as the effects of prejudice. Equally important is Sal's father whose unusual history led to the lives of the two. Sal's father, Dafis, had a vendetta with one of the most powerful men along the coastlines. It is this dispute which is the trouble of Sal's life, and ruthlessly destroys the happiness that other's may possess. Many other important characters appear throughout the book, however, these are more minor. They all play a part in the unfolding story as the book continues to describe the nature of human beings and the magical community somewhat similar to that of ours.

The author of the book was Sean Williams. Sean Williams lives in the centre of Adelaide, South Australia,