Stop The Deforestation To Save Our self

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Disasters can carve up to two sorts. One is natural, and another is by human behaviour. Do you know how does the flood formed? Do you know why people always threaten by landslide, sands storm, and air pollution? Have you understand why animals leaving us far and far, lesser and lesser? Have you counted how many trees cut to make pencils and paper? How many forests disappeared for found building and make furniture ( IKEA's profit has exceeded than Microsoft in last year), every year, ever month, every day even every minute? Nowadays, life materials demanded more and more by the high speed economy developing. But the natural resources are very limited. It is equals to suicide if people keep to cutting forests blindly. This research aims to investigate the ill effects of deforestation on this beautiful Earth, and whether human being aware of it.

Chapter 2

Review of Literature

This article contributed by Robert K.

Innes who analyzed the ill effects of deforestation in the world from three ways: environment, local society and global society. The effects include 1. Desiccation of previously moist forest soil, 2. Dramatic Increase in Temperature Extremes , 3. Moist Humid Region Changes to Desert ,4. No Recycling of Water, 5. Less Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen Exchange, 6. More Desertification, 7. Soil Erosion, and others. The author has expounded the effects in different areas with a brief description of why they come about, and especially considered the third sort of effects for the population of Brazil and the world.

Loss of our world's forests has long-term implications for all of us." Stephanie Heller believes that human is the main reason caused ill effects of deforestation, she reminded that "If the current trend continue, one-quarter of the world's species may be extinct within the...