Stop the Sequals!!! This essay issues the concerns that many box offic hit movies are ruined because of the effects of their counterparts. Sequals tend never to be better than the originals.

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Geography is: the interaction between people and the environment

What: the process of why things came from, where they are.

Who cares: how we misuse and mistreat the environment

2 Kinds of geography: physical and human, people relate everything to geography

Physical geography is concerned with:

a)Description: spatial distribution of physical entities (where of things)

b)Explanation: processes that brought patterns into existence (why)

c)Prediction: can we find the locations of (b) in the future? Similar situations in the rest of the world

d)Management: how has humanity used/misused the environment. (when and where)

Geography is the interaction between these entities over time. We need to know about change, the rate of it. (whether it is very fast/slow)

Energy Balance

1)The source of all energy is the sun. We need to receive solar radiation for life on earth. Any change in the radiation means we will be able to see the change here on earth.

There has been a 1/3 increase in global warming as a result of a change in energy from the sun

2)Reciever: get energy from sun. We absorb, reflect and remit energy from the sun, however this energy has to move through the atmosphere before we receive it here on earth. The atmosphere itself will absorb and reflect some of the energy.

Over time, energy from the sun and the air leaving must find a balance or the end result will be the earth warming up. In Canada, there has been a 1degree increase in the earth's temp. in the past century. The average temperature of the earth is 15degree's Celsius, 59degree's F or 288degree's enl

Solar energy is the transfer through space . The energy travels in waves and is emitted in electric magnetic waves. A short waves is less then 4 microns, long waves are more...