This is a story about the Underground Railroad.

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Narrator 1: You may think the Underground Railroad is a train that goes underground. However, during the time slaves were trying to get their freedom it refers to the effort by many people to help slaves escape. The effort to free slaves started from 1820 and ran through1865 until the civil war ended. As slavery continued to be legal in the United States people organizing and running underground railroads increased. This showed that people in the United States started to despise slavery.

Narrator 2: It was a hot summer night in Bucktown, Maryland. This is the location of a huge cotton plantation where slaves worked the fields to harvest cotton. Most of the day slaves did field work, however, there were a few moments each day that slaves could gather in their home and do activities they enjoyed. Nonetheless this type of lifestyle was very restrictive and limited people's choices.

Many slaves did not like this way of life and were willing to risk their life in hopes for freedom.

Scene 1

Narrator 1: A bunch of slaves were sitting around at night in their cabin. It was hot and muggy. The cabin was dimly lit by a small oil lamp that was located in the middle of the main room.

Slave 1: Harry Showerman is coming to lead us through the Underground Railroad tomorrow night at midnight. He has already led countless numbers of our people to freedom.

Slave 2: Should we pack our belonging?

Slave 1: No! We would look too suspicious if we were carrying clothes and food. We have a long and dangerous journey ahead of us.

Slave 3: When are we going to get on this "underground train?"

Slave 1: No, dummy we are not getting on a train. It is just a code name...