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Extreme holidays marketing involves discovering what extreme enthusiasts want (market research), developing suitable tourist services (product planning), telling them what is available (advertising and promotion), and giving instruction where they can buy the services (channels of distribution: tour operators and travel agents) so they will receive value (pricing), and the tourist organization will make a profit and attain its goals (marketability). Extreme holidays marketing management is the setting of marketing goals (considering the resources of the tourism company and the market opportunities) and the planning and execution of marketing activities required to meet the goal. When carried out effectively, extreme holidays marketing management results in creating and fulfilling customers in a manner acceptable to society and leads to profitable growth for the organizations. Mountinho (2001)

Wytee's Business Philosophy

In the early 1960, Tony became an 'extreme' sport addict; he was pushing his body to the limits for achieving a 'high' and the all important 'blood rush' with extreme sports, like surf, dive, climb and fall1.

He enjoyed this so much, he wanted to share this experience, and so he developed a small retail outlet that offered trips with a difference, 'extreme activities', for small groups.

Tony who was living by his wits established an extreme sport center, called Wytee's. He directed his marketing to select niche audiences, healthy adults with a real adventurous nature and a desire to get away from the 'tourist herd'. It is well known that when approaching a new market niche, it is essential to speak their language. In different words, it is important to understand the market's 'hot buttons' and be prepared to communicate with the target group as an understanding member, not an outsider, Gordon (2002).

For Tony, the product - extreme holidays - always was central; the core value for...