Strategies for Successful Learning

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Every person needs to learn knowledge in the world, but only some people can become successful learners. Then how to become a successful learner? I would like to discuss this in two aspects.

On the one hand, you should understand your aim for learning, and find out a learning method that is suitable for you. Certainly, this is not easy. Each person's aim for learning is different, some hopes to get a good job or choose a good career by learning, others hope to get a degree or bring honor to their family and so on. For example, I want to get a degree in England, so I give up my job to come here. In addition, it is the most important to grasp a suitable learning method. If you want to use short time to learn more knowledge, you must arrange time rightly. For example, I often spend a fixed amount of time on learning every day, and follow specific plan for scheduled learning periods.

And when I study English Language, besides listening to the radio consistently, and writing down the content of the radio program, I also read English newspapers everyday. At the same time, I actively look for chance to communicate with English speaking people at any time and any place. Thus I can improve every aspect of my English language skill.

On the other hand, you must have a study place that has effective study resources. The place ought to be a settled location with a fixed desk, chair, appropriate lighting, heat and ventilation. The place also ought to be a quiet location away from distractions. You should effectively use your resources. For example, when I study, I usually need to use class notes, textbooks, handouts, other printed articles and E-journals. I can grasp...