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Owens 1 The Invisible Battle Introduction The problem with stress is that often it is not seen coming, but there are very noticeable and obvious changes in life and lifestyle. There is no escape from it, for it is around everyone at any given time. This also is an advantage for those who know how to manage the stress and not feel bogged down. Some learn to make the stress work for and not against them. "Some people are more prone to stress than others. But anyone can learn to manage stress. Just because you are uneasy doesn't mean you will always be stressed out."(Ayer 12) The reason some are more prone to feel stressed lies within that person's body chemistry. A common error among persons is that of mistaking uneasiness for stress. Some go as far as seeing a doctor only to find that there is nothing physically or mentally wrong, only that they have had a bad day or two.

Many times stress is only associated with adults and the thought of a child having stress or being stressed out is inconceivable. This unfortunately is not the case and stress can affect a child just as much as an adult. (Ayer 13) Either way, once stress is managed correctly, the side effects of it will diminish. The most difficult part of managing stress is figuring out what kind it is and where it is coming from. In a way it can be related to the common cold, no one can predict which way it will go, but there are ways to help. Commonly, stress is found in the home, at work, at school, and with the people that are around on a daily basis. Also, when a cure for the stress is found for one Owens 2 particular...