Structures of Houses

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From the breathtaking buildings of Ancient Greece to the modern day skyscrapers, it is easy to see that architecture has undergone many changes throughout the course of history. Though there are numerous styles of architecture, such as the Gothic, Romanesque, and Classical styles, the house that I have created is from today?s modern style.

While the earliest structures were composed of anything from straw to stone, new inventions and advances in technology have allowed today?s buildings to be constructed of much stronger materials. Although most houses today are built with bricks, the older houses are made from wood; the main structure of the Popsicle-stick house that I produced is made from this material. In reality, wooden beams would be placed on the inside of the wooden outer wall to help support the house. Plaster would then be placed on the inside of the house to cover the wood in order to make walls.

Paper and cardboard would then be put up on top of the walls in order to conceal the plaster. In my model, I only used Popsicle sticks and glue. The roof of the house I built is also made of Popsicle sticks, however, they represent shingles that would be seen on modern houses. The roof of the model also pulls into a slant, which is characteristic of the houses in modern architecture.

Unlike the gothic era, the structure that I created is not adorned with gargantuan stained glass windows. Instead, mere square windows decorate its front. The windows have a wooden pane, and are composed of glass. Curtains can be seen hanging in the window from the outside of the house. Also, unlike the Gothic era and many other of the early architectural styles, this structure has no religious meaning. It was not built for worship;...