The students who study science should be given more financial support than those who study other subjects like language and business. Do You agree?

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A much debated issue these days is whether students who study science should be given more financial support than those doing other subjects. In the final analysis, I believe that regardless of whatever subjects they do students should be given equal treatment of any kind.

The arguments for the above opinion appear reasonable. Some people argue since scientists make a greater contribution, science students should deserve a better deal. It is short - sighted. What they ignore is how critical a role other professionals play in our life, and furthermore there is much more to society than just that.

One the other hand, it is indeed true to say that other professionals also contribute as much as scientists to social development. For example, banking and financial institutions are vital to funding development and research projects. Can we imagine a society where businesses do not exist to supply the goods and services we all need for our daily life? Also it is necessary to keep in mind that a subject like language which seems of little value can prove helpful and useful to humans in the long run.

It is regarded as one of the most important tools for man to access information needed to make the most of our job and our own lives. We need languages to communicate with other nationals in the world. We need languages to get to know and appreciate other cultures more. In this way, our life will become enriched and more worth living.

In sum, when all is said and done it is clear that students of whatever subject should be given an equal deal because as future professionals they will help society much in the same way.