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Karl Marx

Marx tells everyone that communism is here, and is going to take over. After getting kicked out of everywhere else, Marx went to England and lived there for 35 years. He went to the British Museum everyday. In 1859, he wrote Das Kapital, but the workers couldn't understand it because it was too tough to read. Marx had 5 major theories. First, the Theory of Economic interpretation of history; everything in history is done through economics. Second, the Theory of class struggle; social classes hate each other, and continue to hate each other. Third, Psychological alienation; everybody becomes a "wage slave", meaning that everyone has to work in order to eat. People are angry about the situation that they are living in. Fourth, the Dialectic; it consists of a way of thinking and a cyclical theory of history. Marx believed that every historical era has a dominating economic force.

There are 4 parts to the cycle: the Thesis, the Anti-thesis, the Confrontation, and the synthesis. Last, the Inevitability of the Socialist Revolution. Which states that while Capitalism is dominant, and Socialism is born. As time goes on, both will get stronger. Capitalism will start to get weaker, and eventually destroy itself. Once there is a monopoly, millions of people will be out of work. There will be so much uprising that people will kill the Capitalist, and well trained groups of communists will then take over.

Darwinism, Racism, Nationalism

Nationalism is a love for your country based on five things: a common history, culture, language, bloodline, and geographic location. Nationalism was considered the biggest problem in the world.

Charles Darwin came up with the theory of evolution. He published a book called The Origin of Species, which explained how evolution could have happened. People got really upset about...