Is the Study of Poetry a Worthwhile and Relevant Activity in the 21st Centuries Society?

Essay by luvbug3774 October 2003

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Is the Study of Poetry a Worthwhile and Relevant Activity in the 21st Centuries Society?

In the 21st Century, technology has advanced at an amazing rate and we are losing the way we use to write as e-mail supersedes handwritten letters and tapes replace books. With our much more hectic lifestyles and the new topics on the school syllabus such as information technology and heath studies, the available time to study or write poetry is decreasing. Poems have become less and less important to today's society. Younger generations are losing interest in poetry, as their attention is diverted to our new technology such as computer games and mini-discs. Very few youth's option to write poetry in their own spare time and being a poet is hardly the ideal career path for our generation. There are far less poets today then there were three centuries ago.

In schools, the works of famous poets, such as Shakespeare, from hundreds of years ago are still being studied and admired today.

These give children a cultured and historical outlook on lift as they interoperate the poems and see how life in certain eras affected a person's life. These poems use "old English" vocabulary that are not used any more and would not make sense in today's language. There is no practical reason that we should have to learn a way of speech that has no use to anyone, other then to broaden our knowledge of a certain time period. Interpreting poems is supposed to give us an insight to the poets mind and what the message is behind the poetry, but if the reader of the poem does not enjoy that type of poetry or poetry in general, it can be especially hard for them to interpret the poem. It does not help us...