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How to change the future for every South African child

In only 6 years, we can change the matriculation (Grade 12) pass rate in South Africa. We will change the way children learn.

Written by: Tanya Vandenberg

Revsion: August 2014

Why do we need a Study Skills program?


South Africa has undergone major changes in education since 1994. With the best of intentions, Outcomes Based Education (OBE) was brought in as the new model, hoping to redress the wrongs of the Bantu Education system. However, as is presently clear, there were severe shortcomings in the implementation of these ideas. We identify certain major areas as the focus of the Department of Education's current move to reform, and these are:

Lack of sufficient teacher training for the OBE methodology

Time prioritisation pressure (for educators) as a result of massive bureaucratic demands, leading to minimal lesson planning

A perceived aversion to 'book learning', possibly exacerbated by esteem issues in under-qualified teachers

Emphasis on group work at the cost of individual effort, leading to a culture of passing children through the system, only to find themselves unable to cope with NSC exams, and therefore, higher education

Papers consulted include those below, as well as a long and instructive relationship with educators in South Africa, whose opinions we value.

Consulted papers:

"Transforming educational management in South Africa". - Gallie, Muavia; Sayed, Yusuf; Williams, Herma

Policies for transformation: An evaluation of educational policy developments since 1994 - Cleaver C. Ota

Undergraduate students' resistance to study skills course - College Student Journal, March, 2006 by Sedat Yuksel

Cardinal shifts in school management in South Africa, Education, GM Steyn

Why Study Skills?

It is obvious that schools that have more money available, through fee structures that the parents support, have more resources.