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Part One Chapter One Journal Topic If you suddenly know for an absolute fact that there was no God or eternal life of any sort, how would you live your life differently? Response If I knew for a fact that there was no god, these are the major changes that would occur in my new god free day. I wouldn't sleep in on any day of the week. I would want to spend most of my time having fun. If there were no God and nothing after death I would like to enjoy my life. I would want to get the most out of the day. I would travel the world. I would want to go to every country and absorb the culture and lifestyle. It would be interesting to meet new people from a different land. I would want to view the world before I died because I will never see it again.

I would most likely spend more time with my friends and family. I would want to enjoy every minute with them and talk and listen to them. I would read the great pieces of literature that I have always wanted to read. I myself own some great novels that I haven't read and want to read.

I keep putting it off to do other things. I think I would spend some of my time reading great books. In the end I would want to contribute to society and to the world so that it could become a better place.

Part One Chapter Four (Our Group Journal) Journal Topic If you lived in an apartment building or house and heard your neighbour beating his wife, what actions would you take to stop it? If you decide not to take any actions, explain why you wouldn't react to...