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¡° Finders keepers, losers weepers.¡± This movie was about three good friends found 4 million dollar in a crashed airplane accidentally. After they found the money, the deeply complex human heart was uncovered. Because of that money, these three men killed many people. At the first sign they saw that money, the fat man wanted to keep the money immediately. But one of the men said they shouldn¡¯t keep it, and the other one said he didn¡¯t know what to do. So the fat man tried his best to persuade them. After their discussion, they decided to keep the money first. This was the beginning of the disaster.

After a placid period of time, the fat man considered there was nobody looked for the money, so he wanted to get back his share of that money. But the other man didn¡¯t allow. So in that sharp quarrel, the other two men kill the fat man and his wife accidentally.

This was the first evil murder in the two men¡¯s simple plan. No sooner later, the money¡¯s loser came to their little town and looked for the money. In the conflict, the loser and a police were killed. One of the men couldn¡¯t stand the evil thing they¡¯d done. So he said he rather die than live under the ashamed and scared. He asked his friend kill him. He was the fifth victim of that money. After all, the last man thought everything had already passed. But, in fact, he was wrong. There were two FBI came to the town by following the track of the loser. They told the last man that the 4 million dollar was the ransom of the kidnapping. All of the cash were numbered.