Summary: This is a touristy book of Hong Kong. On

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Summary: This is a touristy book of Hong Kong. On the first page of the book, there is a simple map of Hong Kong with some labels for the book. We can find a place through the label and look for the page. Then we can read through the page, and then we can get the information about the place. The book introduced 21 historic places. In every place it contains one map with more details for the reader to find the accurate place. Also, in every place, it contains some information such as, where to walk? How to find things? How to get there? ¡K ¡K In the book, it contains some real pictures, too. Reader can preview the place they want to go and choose the things they want to see.

(132 words) Comment: As the name of the book, ¡§Hong Kong Pathfinder¡¨, this is a guidebook of Hong Kong.

This book is for visitors and also for us, Hong Kong People. After I read the book, I found that I was just a little frog in the well. Many good places in Hong Kong I haven¡¦t been there before. Some of them I haven¡¦t heard before.

Nowadays, Hong Kong is a modern city. Since Hong Kong is a thriving business center, its city lift surges along at a frenetic, stressful pace. Many high-rises appeared in the city, so we need green area. It is very good that around 40 percent of the land area is designated as country park. Finding country parks isn¡¦t a hard job by driving cars, but if you want to find the place by public transports. The book is a good thing that it can provide a good way, such as, how to catch bus or which bus can we choose etc. After we found the place, we can experience wild, hills, valleys, waterfalls or ageing villages. If we read the book, we can find the special things mentioned by it. At the bottom of the cover, there is a sentence, ¡§21 DAY-WALKS IN HONG KONG¡¨. It means that the book provided places for us to enjoy our three weeks.

After I read the book, I have planned a trip on Lantau Island.

On the first day, I will take ferry to the Cheung Chau ferry pier. Then go to book the hotel and go to the visit points in Chung Chau, Cheung Po Tsai¡¦s Cave.

On the second day, I will go to Peng Chau to visit Tin Hau Temple. Then I will go to Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island. It is the largest, and the most visited, monasteries in Hong Kong.

On the third day, I will go onto Lantau Peak for hiking.

On the forth day, it is the last day of the trip. I will go to Tung Chung by bus. And go back by Airport-Train.

After the trip, I think I will know and get many new, good, special things.

At the end of the book, I think the Glossary is very useful. It lists some Cantonese geographical terms.

If you want to know more about Hong Kong. If you want to take a trip in Hong Kong. If you want to get an easy book to do a book report!! Let¡¦s read this book, ¡§Hong Kong Pathfinder¡¨.

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