The sun The sun is a star. It is the

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The sun The sun is a star. It is the closest star to earth and it is a midiam-sized star in the skail from a super giant it is the biggest and the smallest star is the neutron star.

The sun is rangeing between 6,000-15,000,000 degreas clceas. It has sun spots. There are lines on them that are vilent storms. The sun has 3 layers of atmsphere and one core. The outer most layer of the sun is the Corona it is 1,700,000 degreas clceas. The middle layer is the Chromosphere it is 27,800 degreas clceas. The next is the Photoshere it is 6,000 degreas clceas. The middle of the sun is the core it is 15,000,000 degreas clceas.