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With the development of civil aviation, the increasing numbers of the population currently travel by airplane annually. In this circumstance, the demand for airport shuttle service has been growing considerably, especially door-to-door transportation service. In order to adapt to the demand, a large number of companies have been built, such as SuperShuttle.

SuperShuttle is a franchise organisation that supplies air travellers with ground transportation to and from airports and their homes. It initiated the concept of shared-ride airport ground transportation by establishing its first corporation in Los Angeles in 1983. Currently, SuperShuttle becomes the first shared-ride airport transportation service in America, providing shuttle service between airport and customers' homes for over 8 million airline passengers every year. The scope of its service involving over 40 airports and more than 50 cities, moreover, the firm has around 1,200 vans on the road. ( It does not have any regular times or any routes, any customer who wants to use their service should phone or make a reservation on line.

Although SuperShuttle is a successful organisation, it also experiences a range of issues. This case study aims to explore the problems that SuperShuttle faced, and then analysing these problems with management principles. First, it examines challenges associated with the company. Secondly, it explains the reasons for the problems using management principles which include external relationship management, operation management, internal relationships management and managing operational finance. Finally, it considers the possible solutions of the problems.

Managing External Relationships

The main problem SuperShuttle faced may be poor customer relationships. The crucial consumer based issues include two aspects: satisfying clients and establishing relations and allegiance (Castledine, 2014). In order to comprehend satisfaction, it could be imperatively for the corporation to know how consumers evaluate commodities. For SuperShuttle, the products are its door-to-door...