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Two sick people need organ transplant for saving their lives. Patient Y needs a new heart and Z needs lungs. They have designed a scheme 'Survival Lottery' that provides sufficient organs for the people in need. It seems to have many advantages for people who urge for organ transplant. However, when we examine the scheme a little deeper, we will find out that there are some loopholes from the scheme. These make the theoretically ideal scheme become inapplicable in the real world.

The Survival Lottery Scheme

A. Principle

A healthy person is subjected to be killed for the patients who need organ transplants. His organs will be removed and distributed to patients in need. In this theory, one person is killed to save two or more than two people. Thus, a small proportion of healthy people are killed in order to save a large amount of patients who have organ problems.

B. Means

Persons to sacrifice are chosen randomly by computer to save the patients so that the chance of survival can be largely enhanced. Hence, the death rate reduces.

C. Constraints set up

People who addict to smoking and drinking have a higher risk of requiring organ transplants. Therefore, the lottery scheme forbids them to join. Besides, elderly may easily get sick. Thus, the lottery scheme will give them an increase on the probability of being chosen in order to maintain a fair condition.

D. Legislature required

This scheme required people to give up their lives, so people who are chosen to be the sacrifice may escape. In order to prevent people from escaping, the one who holds the lottery scheme will ensure supervision and implementation running smoothly. What's more, offenders who escape will be arrested and punished.

Theoretical and ideal advantages of the Survival...