Sustainable Prosperity

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"...the core values that underpin sustainable development - interdependence, empathy, equity, personal responsibility and intergenerational justice - are the only foundation upon which any viable vision of a better world can possibly be constructed." Jonathon PorrittGlobalization and sustainability are forces that are in constant competition. In this global game there emerges a clear victor and an inevitable loss. As a political, social, and economic force, globalization has expanded to encompass our global society; it creates change. As the light falls on those affected by globalization, the practitioner and the subject are brought forth and examined. Where there is progress and prosperity for all, we bring to question the extent to which globalization has shaped them and their sustainable prosperity. Sustainable prosperity is the balance of social, economic, and environmental factors for the future generations. Globalization has wholly affected the sustainable prosperity for all people because of the increase in communication.

Increased communication has led to the exchange of information, goods, and services. These factors have affected economic and social development, and the environment and its resources for all people, thus contributing to sustainable prosperity.

Sustainable prosperity requires an economic and social balance to be considered as legitimate. Globalization, as an economic force, has affected economic and social development through international trade, communication, and the exchange of ideas. As a result of globalization, goods and services are exposed to larger markets, creating a profit motive and competition within economies. Competition for goods and services spurs the best quality at the lowest price. For the consumers and producers, the flow of money raises the standard of living, which is measured by Gross Domestic Product. As the demand for specific products is created the global market is able to meet the needs of the consumer where a free-standing economy could not; thus,