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Jania Hodge

Ms. McGowan

U.S Humanities

August 17, 2012

Period 7

Section 1 QCC's

Pg. 3- Why do people pay more attention to the white people more than the Native Americans? Even though the white people are more successful don't you think the Indians would be too if someone paid them more attention?

Pg. 9- I think it was wrong for junior's parents to kill his dog. I mean yeah he was suffering but they should've let him suffer in peace. They didn't even give junior to have his last moments with his dog, they just killed him.

Pg. 14- I think Rowdy's and Junior's relationship is a good example of the concept love. Even though Rowdy won't admit it because that's not his style we know that he loves him he loves Junior, Even if he has a weird way of showing it.

Pg. 21- Why didn't Rowdy beat up Junior for laughing at him? Yeah, he said that Rowdy would never beat him up, so people change all the time.

Pg. 21- That was weird for the Andruss triplets to make fun of junior's brain disorder. I think that they are really are some bastards. That was really immature considering that they are thirty years old. I guess people really don't care and are evil.

Pg. 25- I think it was weird for junior to say isosceles triangles make him feel hormonal. It's just weird for him to talk about a shape in such a sexual way. I could understand a girl but a triangle? Really?

Pg. 7- I think Junior's family represents the theme poverty. I say that because nobody pays attention to the Indians. The thing is the Indians were on North America first and they just let people take over.

Pg. 26- Why did Mary...