Taming Of The Shrew

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Act 1 Scene 1(lines 62-105): A) Before this scene Christopher Sly is introduced to the reader. He is a drunk slob who has passed out on the floor. As he is asleep, a lord, of some sort, walks by with his servants. The lord and his men then decide to play a trick on him. While Christopher Sly is sleeping, the lord and his men carry him into a rich mansion and throw him into a nice, large bed. The lords plan is to trick Chris by saying he is a lord and treat him as one. When he awoke, they gave him the best of liqueurs, food and clothes. They also dressed a boy up as a girl to act as if this boy is Christopher's wife. To trick him even more, they brought him to a play that was performed so straight and serious that he wouldn't know what was true or make-believe.

The play begins in a town in Italy, named Padua where a rich man, Baptista, has two daughters, Bianca and Katherina. Two suitors, Hortensio and Gremio, are trying to marry Bianca, a nice, innocent girl who's beauty is what every man looks for. These two men can not marry Bianca because Baptista will not allow it until Katherina, an unpopular and cruel girl, gets married first.

This is where the first section begins. The two men start a plan of how to get a man to marry Katherina. This way they will have her out of their way, then they can marry Bianca.

B) Lines 87-104 Gre: Why will you lock her up Signior Baptista, for what she has said, And make her regret what she has just said? Bapt: Guys, it's O.K, I have decided.

Go inside Bianca, Because I know...