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Justin Racz

Proffesor Toni K. Mitchell

English 131

16 September 2014

Essay #1 Rough Draft

Walking through the woods, hearing calm waves crash against the cliffs, while taking in the clean northern michigan air is solitude at its finest. There is just something about being in the wilderness that is so peacefull, luckily theres plenty of that in Michigan. I really enjoy northern Michigan in general, but nothing south of the Mackinaw compares to what lies across that bridge.

The upper Penninsula is definitely my favorite place to vacation to, no matter what time of the year, It seems like i can always find an excuse to make my way up there. Wether its snowboarding, hunting, or just going on vacation its always been a blast. I ussually try to make some sort of trip up there at least twice a year. I cant think of a single thing i dont enjoy about being up there, i even enjoy the long car ride up there.

My favorite memories have to be the countless snowboard trips i have went on in the upper penninsula. Every year my friends and i take a trip in november to the Upper Penninsula to ride the first snowfall of the season. The whole trip is a blast, from the ten hour car ride, to the amazing log cabin we stay at directly across the street from the mountain, to the whole disconnected atmosphere you get when youre up there. The best part of it all is snowboarding that early in the season, theres nowhere else in the mid west where you are able to do that. However ealy snowboarding isnt the only thing the upper Penninsula has to offer.

Aside from its breathtaking scenery, there is one location that outshines them all. Pictured rocks is...